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Who we are?

Bratic Enterprises is a leading technology based solutions provider formed by key individuals in the lighting industry, offering extensive experience in providing LED solutions to the marketplace. Bratic began in 2000, providing LED’s to companies looking to address task lighting development through general illumination for specific and general applications, from 364nmm, (UV) to 940nm (IR). As a result of increased customer demand for our products over the years, the company has now grown to include secondary optics, thermal management, and also PCB (Metal Core & Fiberglass) contract manufacturing. Most recently, Bratic Enterprises has added a line of Plug-in-Play products for use in both retrofits and new construction. These products (PAR-38, PAR-30, MR-16, T8 Retrofits, Troffer, Low/Mid/High Bay, and Box Lighting) cover most lighting solutions that support LM80 and energy star requirements for data centers, office buildings, sports arenas, hotels, universities, retail establishments, grocery stores, parking facilities, and municipalities.

Our company is committed to forming a partnership between owners, developers, facilities managers, architects, engineers, designers, and construction manager to ensure the successful production of a complete LED based lighting solution for your facility. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and further discuss how Bratic Enterprises can best suit the needs of your existing or upcoming project.

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Why Bratic?


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